June 11, 2012 posted by Stacy David Wallingford

20+ Creative Postcard Designs For Inspiration

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Postcards have in some ways become a lost art. Their was a time when the postcard was an extremely popular way of communicating simple messages. These days postcards mostly come in the form of wedding invitations or promotional pieces. However, if done correctly, a direct mail postcard can be a great option for small businesses or services. A postcard in the mail can be a great way to give potential or existing customers contact information and a bookmark to remember you later. PrintRunner Postcard Printing Services are a very convenient way to print professional postcards and get them sent out to your clients.

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Below you will see a compilation of many creative postcard designs. Many of the postcards were created by designers, for designers. So the postcard designs are very unique and sometimes cleverly creative. If you are looking for some ideas for your next postcard direct mail campaign you will find some great ideas and inspiration in the designs below. I hope these designs inspire you to create your own great postcard designs.

Postcard Design 1 Postcard Design 2 Postcard Design 3

Created By Ken Lo


Postcard Designs 4 Postcard Design 5

Created By Owen W. Lee


Postcard Designs 6 Postcard Design 7

Created By Viet Huynh


Postcard Design 8 Postcard Designs 9

Created By G-Man


Postcard Design 10 Postcard Design 11

Created By Mattias Adolfsson


Postcard Design 12 Postcard Design 13

Created By Louise Twizell


Postcard Design 14 Postcard Design 15

Created By Eunice Yip


Postcard Design 16

Created By Mary Elkin


Postcard Design 17 Postcard Design 18 Postcard Design 19

Created By Steven Bonner


Postcard Design 20 Postcard Design 21

Created By Julia Pak


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