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December 3, 2011 posted by Stacy David Wallingford

Rusty Wire Grid Textures

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I found these rusty wire grids and thought that they would make great textures. I’m sure some of you talented illustrators out there can find a way to utilize these textures. I have 5 textures in this set. Textures are good for all different types of illustration and design. I hope some of you can find these textures useful for something. Like all of the other free design resources i give away you can use these textures for whatever you want, personal or commercial, for free. Below is an example of the textures in the set. Click the download button at the bottom of the post to start downloading these textures. 




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9 comments on “Rusty Wire Grid Textures”

  1. karla says:

    Stacy, you have some awesome resources! Just got through downloading them all. This set (rusty wire) is my absolute favorite! Thanks for all of the awesome resources :)

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